John B. Aird Gallery, OSA Juried Exhibition Opening, April 12, 2018

Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee

ARTIFACTS, formed in 1983 by Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee, produces feminist collaborative works which combine the concerns of art and theatre; they have fused these traditions into a unique hybridity. Ever cognizant of gender politics and cultural normalization, ARTIFACTS engages in deconstructing various contemporary societal issues by exploring women’s bodies across speculative edges and in liminal spaces. While concentrating on performance, ARTIFACTS has also created video and visual exhibitions. Research-in-process and doing-as-action define their practice. In 2011, Miklos Legrady was invited to join ARTIFACTS as “public eye”, a photographer or “witness” who by documenting the work is drawn into and becomes part of the performance.

  -  Palimpsest 2011

  -  Individual Points of Fiction 2012

  -  Pentimenti 2012

  -  60-60-60 2012

  -  Storm day, Jazz night 2012

  -  Headaches II 2013

  -  Rockwalk 2013

  -  Distended Topographies 2013

  -  Entertaining Without a Maid-I 2013

  -  Entertaining Without a Maid-II 2013

  -  Entertaining Without a Maid-III 2014

  -  Provoking Collaboration 2014

  -  Discourse At Sea 2014

  -  Feminist Architectures 2015

  -  Feminist Architectures2 2015

  -  Listening: On the Architecture of Aging 2017


  -  The Past Whispers 2018

  -  Dragging the Debate 2018

  -  Tiny Homes, everyone is downsizing 2018

  -  FACIO 2019

  -  General(s) Labour 2019

  -  Has The Artist Been Paid? 2019

  -  Terminalia: Walking Women 2020

  -  Artists@Work: Bodies of Labou 2022

Artifacts brings eloquence to subtlety.

ARTIFACTS page on the Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art web site.

Pam Patterson
Leena Raudvee

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