panoramic of Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee performing at A Space photography by Miklos Legrady

Individual Points of Fiction
ARTIFACTS (Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee)

Giambattista Vico wrote that knowledge is a doing and, in turn, doing is an act of being. ARTIFACTS, known for its site-specific performances, deepens its relationship with/in space in Individual Points of Fiction.  Patterson and Raudvee address the divide between, and notion of, progress as process/product and conflate the two so that in image making and in performance, they are occupied in the doing. Here they focus on the research component of performance and, if one can recognize artistic practice as performative, of studio practice. They study their interrelationship, their longstanding affiliation with A Space, and the corridor spaces at 401 Richmond. The exhibition deconstructs images from a hallway performance at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education – a site for arts-informed and educational research - and transposes them onsite into A Space Windows.

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A Space Gallery, Friday June 8th, 2012

The performance, expanding on this, reconfigures space as intersubjective and architectural. The physical space pixilates into discretely-timed moments. In “doing”, ARTIFACTS accommodates and rejects, deconstructs and reassembles art’s questions as an infinite horizon of diverse acts of autonomy.

  photography by Miklos Legrady
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_MG_0285 _MG_0299 _MG_0302 _MG_0306
_MG_0319 _MG_0321 _MG_0323 _MG_0325
_MG_0340 _MG_0347 _MG_0367 _MG_0373
_MG_0380 _MG_0386 _MG_0388 _MG_0391
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_MG_0576 _MG_0594 _MG_0614 _MG_0619
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_MG_0638 _MG_0640 _MG_0653 _MG_0654
_MG_0659 _MG_0660 _MG_0665 _MG_0677
_MG_0686 _MG_0696 _MG_0697 _MG_0703
_MG_0706 _MG_0718 _MG_0722 _MG_0727
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_MG_0924 _MG_0926 _MG_0927 _MG_0934
_MG_0938 _MG_0939 _MG_0946 _MG_0950
_MG_0951 _MG_0952 _MG_0954 _MG_0955
_MG_0957 _MG_0962 _MG_0963 _MG_0965
_MG_0973 _MG_0974 _MG_0975 _MG_0976
_MG_0979 _MG_0983 _MG_0984 _MG_0986
_MG_0989 _MG_0992 _MG_0993 _MG_0994
_MG_0995 _MG_0998 _MG_1000 _MG_1009
_MG_1015 _MG_1016 _MG_1021 _MG_1022
_MG_1025 _MG_1029 _MG_1032 _MG_1035
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_MG_1057 _MG_1088 _MG_1092 _MG_1099
_MG_1100 _MG_1107 _MG_1112 _MG_1118
_MG_1119 _MG_1120 _MG_1122 _MG_1123
_MG_1124 _MG_1126 _MG_1127 _MG_1139
_MG_1164 _MG_1169 _MG_1173 _MG_1185
_MG_1186 _MG_1192 _MG_1193 _MG_1195
_MG_1210 _MG_1213 _MG_1217 _MG_1221
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_MG_1389 _MG_1396 _MG_1403 _MG_1408
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_MG_1426 _MG_1444 _MG_1450 _MG_1472
_MG_1475 _MG_1480 _MG_1481 _MG_1484
_MG_1504 _MG_1524 _MG_1525 _MG_1530
_MG_1531 _MG_1584 _MG_1585 _MG_1586
_MG_1607 _MG_1619 _MG_1634 _MG_1640
_MG_1650 _MG_1667 _MG_1680 _MG_1710
_MG_1711 _MG_1715 _MG_1718 _MG_1729
_MG_1737 _MG_1749 _MG_1751 _MG_1762
_MG_1770 _MG_1788 _MG_1792 _MG_1804
_MG_1805 _MG_1806 _MG_1808 _MG_1812
_MG_1818 _MG_1821 _MG_1822 _MG_1824
_MG_1831 _MG_1834 _MG_1836 _MG_1837
_MG_1838 _MG_1842 _MG_1843 _MG_1853
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We gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council