Babble (Babel) Public Performance Event
Hart House, University of Toronto February 9 & 11, 2014

Play video Videography: Eireann Oughton, editing: Miklos Legrady

Margaret Dragu
VERB WOMAN: Dictionary for a Conscious Corpus

February 8 & 10, Bickersteth Room, 11am - 1pm.
Verb Woman explores body, language, injury, connectedness and disconectedness
through a durational performance that draws on Margaret Dragu's 40+ years
as both a professional artist and personal fitness trainer/movement instructor.
Web woman uses anatomy texts, English-to-other-languages dictionaries, idiomatic dictionaries
and other reference books to physically explore common injury sites and their rehab protocols,
with notions of mentoring and education of girls as an instrument for social change.

Photography: Miklos Legrady
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