Babble (Babel) Public Performance Event
Hart House, University of Toronto February 8 & 10, 2014

Christine Brault
Mixed IDs: Seek-sort-connect-assemble-re-sembler-ras-sembler

February 8 & 10, Chapel, 2 - 3pm.
I come from a mixed background composed of French, Scottish and maybe other unknown roots
and ones I can now create or imagine. Playing with meaning of words and double meanings
as corporeal gestures, I will use words related to land, identity, ways of expression,
mostly coming from Latin, French and English, and create an in-between language
to comprehend the mixed roots intertwined in my own beings, I will write words
on myself and others. I will recommen murmurs of words or questions...

Photography: Miklos Legrady
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Christine Brault performance

2nd peformance, Monday, February 10, 2014

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